Annual financial statements 2021 - More traffic, falling deficit

PM of 5/13/22:

Business and plant traffic represent an important pillar

Hof - More traffic, more diverse use and a once again decreasing deficit - this result was presented by airport managing director Ralf Kaußler to the members present at the advisory board meeting on this Friday, May 13, 2022 in the city hall of Hof.

Source: Flughafen Hof-Plauen GmbH

Accordingly, traffic increased by a whopping 44.7% to 8,702 aircraft movements last year. Instrument traffic increased the most due to business and factory flights, so that visual and instrument flights now each account for half of the traffic at Hof-Plauen Airport. Passenger numbers - recently stagnant - are also rising again somewhat. "We are on the right track with our partners at the airport!

The general conditions are right, which is also reflected in the figures for fiscal year 2021," Kaußler is pleased to report. In concrete terms, sales were increased to a total of 1.5 million euros. What is pleasing here is that more than two-thirds of the revenue, i.e. over one million euros, was generated purely from flight operations. The fuel business also contributed to a solid result with a net profit of around 77,000 euros. Here, despite higher procurement costs as a result of the Corona pandemic, the volume of aviation fuel sold almost doubled, so that income was once again on a par with the previous year. Furthermore, rentals to an automotive company and to aviation companies provide fixed income.

The revenues are offset by expenses of around 1.8 million euros. In addition to depreciation and amortization at
and the purchase of materials for raw materials and supplies, personnel expenses of around 473,000 euros are the largest single item. Further investments were also made in building maintenance and the vehicle fleet. For example, the new airfield tanker ordered two years ago and a new snow blower were put into service.

The use of winter services in particular has already paid off in the recent winter with a renewed increase in traffic figures Investments also had to be made in the facilities for flight operations. The pilots' lounge and the conference room were upgraded with new furniture and technology and are now available to pilots and other guests. The increase in flight movements clearly shows that these demand-oriented investments are worthwhile. In the current year, too, more aircraft movements were recorded in the first quarter than in the same period of the previous year.

The annual financial statements for fiscal year 2021 close with a deficit of EUR -510,880.61, which is around EUR 139,000 lower than planned. The city and district of Hof continue to secure liquidity through contributions in accordance with their shares in Flughafen Hof-Plauen GmbH & Co.KG.

"The development of the airport is again showing a positive upward trend. We are pleased that the
airport is experiencing increasing use and will also be brought closer to the citizens
of our city and our region in the future," says Eva Döhla, Mayor of the City of Hof. "It shows that it is right and important to continue to hold on to our airport as a location factor for the city and district of Hof," agreed District Administrator Dr. Oliver Bär. Both thanked Managing Director Kaußler and his team for their work over the past year.