Aviation fuels - discount system

Fill up cheap and save!

Hof-Plauen Airport offers its loyal customers and all those who want to become loyal customers discounts on the annual fuel quantities refueled with our discount system. Valid for aviation fuels AvGas 100LL and JET A1.

Aviation fuels - structure of the discount system

And this is how it works - All amounts net!

(Status: 01.01.2021) Example with odd quantity: Annual volume refueled: 13,565 l:
  • without flat rate: step 1,00 €/100 l = 135,65 € credit note
  • with flat rate: level 3.00 €/100 l = 406.95 € credit Amount of lump sum: 20% of 406,95 € = 81,39 € payable at the end of the calendar year

FAQ - Questions and answers about the discount system

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about our discount system explained briefly and simply:

How can I conclude the contract?You can request the contract on the homepage by form here >
Who can use the discount system?Our discount system can be used by any customer who has signed a discount contract with us.
What is the minimum amount of fuel per year from which discounts are granted?The discount system starts with an annual fuel quantity for the AvGas grade from 3000 liters and JET A1 from 10000 liters.
Do I need to hit the exact amount of fuel as in the chart?No, the quantities mentioned in the table are thresholds from which the respective discount level becomes effective.
Do I have to commit to a certain amount of annual fuel?No, you will receive the discount level you have reached based on the annual volume you have fueled at the end of the calendar year.
What does the flat rate mean?With the flat rate you will receive a larger discount on your annual amount fueled than without.
(See tables)
How much is the lump sum?The flat rate is 20% of the credit (net) on the annual amount fueled, if you have chosen this option. (see examples)
How is the lump sum calculated in concrete terms?The flat rate is calculated from the liter-exact annual quantity and the resulting credit (net) according to discount levels.
Are the credits also payable in cash?No, credits are only offset against fuel.
Are credit notes limited in time?Yes, credits must be used within one calendar year.

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