Airport anticipates BMW exit

Managing Director Kaußler no longer expects the automaker to extend the contract. He is optimistic about finding a successor to operate the test track.

Source: Excerpts from specimen Frankenpost report from 06.01.23 - Author: Hannes Keltisch

"Hof - Hof-Plauen Airport must reckon with the fact that car manufacturer BMW, as a permanent tenant of the test track, will turn its back on it before the end of this year. The contract expires at the end of 2023, until the middle of the year there is an option for early contract extension. In an interview with the Frankenpost newspaper, airport managing director Ralf Kaußler said he now "no longer expects BMW to extend the contract.


In the event of a withdrawal, however, Kaußler is optimistic that an adequate successor from the automotive supplier or manufacturer sector will be found for the continued operation of the test track - which would still be available even without BMW, since it belongs to the airport. This is because Hof Airport has a major advantage: "It is the only site of its kind in Germany where automotive test operations can run completely independently of air traffic within the site." [...]"

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