About us

Our airport as the main landing point for the region of Northeast Upper Franconia, is located in the center of Europe and allows you to reach the most important European cities in a short time. Conversely, it is YOUR gateway to the region of Upper Franconia, neighboring Thuringia, Saxony and the nearby Czech Republic. [ More...]


Environmental and climate protection

In today's world, environmental and climate protection is an important component of business operations. As an aviation company, we also take this issue very seriously. Flughafen Hof-Plauen GmbH & Co. KG has therefore initiated measures or initiated projects that serve the goal of "Innovate2Fly" of the Interessengemeinschaft regionaler Flugplätze e.V. (IDRF), which is to achieve a "net zero" emission value for Hof-Plauen Airport. [ More...]


Airport puts new MTW into service

"With the new vehicle, we are now ideally positioned for the coming years and very flexible in terms of its intended use," says airport managing director Ralf Kaußler.

The new MTW based on Mercedes Vito 116d offers space for 5 persons and thus creates more flexibility for many purposes. In addition, the vehicle replaces the previous "Follow-Me" car. [ More...]


Business and partner

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