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Downloads: Operations & Services: Approach possibilities / Types of Approaches VFR VFR | VFR-Night | S-VFR IFRNP RWY 26/08 Approved traffic /Types of Traffic VFRAircraft up to 14000 kg MTOWHelicopters up to [ More... ]


Pay fees with aerops

Use your aerops app for, among other things, payment of:
Landing and approach fees
Fuel bills
Check-in and check-out after confirmation/invoicing by us
Other service charges that may be incurred during your visit [ More... ]


Aviation fuels - discount system

Hof-Plauen Airport offers its loyal customers and all those who want to become one, discounts
on the annual fuel quantities refueled.
Valid for the fuels AvGas 100LL and JET A1. [ More...]


E-bikes rent

We offer our customers the possibility to explore the closer surroundings of our airfield by e-bike. For this purpose you can rent 2 e-bikes of the brand GHOST from us. [ More...]


Fees and Charges

Update as of 01.08.2023:

Current fees, charges and prices for flight operations services and other service charges can be found in our updated schedule of charges.

The good news:
These approach fees are waived for aircraft up to 2000 kg MTOW! [ More...]

Pilot info

Airport Pilot Lounge

Use our cozy lounge to rest and relax before your next flight. We offer you delicious coffee specialties, tea and soft drinks as well as sweets and ice cream in self-service for little money and water for free!
You can get information in our flight preparation corner. Of course we offer free WLAN. [ More...]