28,000 euros for a good cause

At the 2022 Airport Festival, donations were collected for three projects of the Rotary Club of Hof

Prerssemitteilung vom 17.12.2022:

Picture donation handover Rotary Club Hof
From left: Rotary Past-President Werner Kropf, Airport Managing Director Ralf Kaußler
and Uwe Kolb, Acting President of the Rotary Club of Hof-Bavaria.

Hof - On July 9, 2022, the new edition of the Airport Festival took place at Hof-Plauen Airport. Together with the Rotary Club Hof-Bavaria, the airport company used this event to collect donations for three projects of the Rotary Club. After extensive accounting, the donation check could now be handed over to the Rotary Club at Hof-Plauen Airport in wintry weather.

Donation shares were included in many places: From every food and drink sold, a small donation was given to the projects. A total of 3,400 euros in donations was collected here. In addition, many companies in the Hofer Land region were recruited as sponsors for this event. Here, thanks to the great efforts of Past-President Werner Kropf, a total of 20,300 euros was raised. The remainder was added by Hof-Plauen Airport, which raised a total of 4,300 euros from sightseeing flights and flight operations.

"We would like to thank all companies, participants and visitors once again for the great sum," says Rotary President Uwe Kolb. "We would have loved to crack the 30,000 euros," jokes airport managing director Ralf Kaußler. "But it's an absolutely great result. Nobody in the organizing team would have expected such a high sum!". The managing director is pleased that the airport festival was a complete success despite the changeable weather.

The total donation amount of 28,000 euros will now be used for three social heart projects of the Rotary Club of Hof-Bavaria. "On the one hand we want to support the Ukraine assistance Rotary4Ukraine further support. The inhumane war in Ukraine is unfortunately not yet over. All the more important that we continue to support the refugees here with us in a targeted manner," says Werner Kropf. In addition, the Lebenshilfe e.V. with the project "SELAM Women - Dignity instead of Violence" and the and the IfL Hof e. V. for the cooperation "Learning to swim for elementary school children". for children and young people will receive a share of the donations.

"SELAM continues to deserve our pragmatic support, so that the women who are intensively cared for in this project can continue to be well supported and integrated into our society," explains Rotary President Uwe Kolb. In addition, swimming courses for children and young people were not possible during Corona. Preventing non-swimmer accidents and teaching children to swim again in a sustainable way - this is the task that IfL Hof e.V. has dedicated itself to. "Due to the increased energy costs for the swimming pools, financial support is needed here so that the IfL
can continue to offer these important courses," says Werner Kropf.

The airport was happy to support these projects. "We want to hold the next airport festival in 2024 and are already looking forward to the fact that the Rotary Club of Hof-Bavaria is once again willing to help organize the event," says a delighted Kaußler. There will also be an extensive program with air shows and music in 2024.